Virginia COVID-19 Data Timeline

After coming across this spread sheet documenting the UK government’s COVID-19 data responses, I immediately began one covering Virginia’s responses, […]

VDH LTCF Outbreaks Dataset Update

Today’s VDH LTCF Outbreaks dataset released today has some interesting differences from yesterday. This post is only focusing on novel […]

Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail COVID-19 Data Point

This tweet by @seantubbs caught my eye yesterday, and scrolling down the COVID-19 Thomas Jefferson Health District (TJHD) Data Portal […]

DVS PPS Survey at VVCC – Roanoke Provides New Virginia COVID-19 Dataset

On 2020-06-27, DVS Newsroom released: COVID-19 Cases Following Point Prevalence Survey at the Virginia Veterans Care Centerproviding new Virginia COVID-19 […]

VDH LTCF Names Dataset

VDH released LTCF Names of COVID-19 outbreaks dataset on 2020-06-19 in an executive press release data dump. This data is […]

VDH Adds New Cases By Race/Ethnicity COVID-19 Dataset

Yesterday, (2020-06-15) VDH rolled out a new dataset: VDH-COVID-19-PublicUseDataset-Cases_By-Race-Ethnicity. This URI has been added to the list of VDH URIs […]