DVS and VDH LTCF Datasets Not Matching Up

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This DVS (Department of Veterans Services) press release details PPS testing done at the Virginia Veterans Care Center (VVCC) – Roanoke, conducted by the Virginia National Guard and VDH. VDH reported the results to DVS on ; as of , the VDH LTCF dataset does not include a listing for VVCC – Roanoke.

VDH LTCF dataset for 2020-06-29 not listing VCCC - Roanoke.
Screenshot of VDH Tableau Dashboard LTCF dataset for 2020-06-29 not listing VCCC – Roanoke.

VDH did the testing, reported the results to DVS, DVS published the results, and yet there still is no record of it in the official VDH LTCF dataset. Just speculating, but I wonder how many roadblocks/choke points there are in VDH’s data pipeline(s)? Assuming they are incredibly overwhelmed and overworked currently, I still lean to there being a blockage or three in the pipeline.

The DVS VCCC – Roanoke PPS dataset can be accessed in the Virginia COVID-19 repository and in this Google Sheet.

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