Fighting for the Future by Coding for America

With so much drama on the web today, its kinda hard not to submit to the @nsa

The open web is, and forever will be under fire from forces that want to control every aspect of it, and profit along the way. Recently The Day We Fight Back, led by fight for the future led a protest to further awareness of these direct threats to our ways of life. After the protest, I came across the typical memes of how joining an online protest does nothing, and how no one really cares, etc. The same old amazing media coverage we got about occupy from the lamestream media owned by the very forces we are fighting. But to spite all of the dissenters and naysayers, I say to you, here’s how you can fight for our future by coding for america.

Code Across 2014 is a hackathon run by Code for America, occuring on Open Data Day and concurring with simultaneous events across the globe (including international open data day hackathon which is the already linked too) this weekend. Code for Hampton Roads, my local brigade (and totes the kewlest), is hosting Code Across Hampton Roads 2014, in downtown Norfolk, and is open entirely to the public. Actually, the more the merrier.

Please do not feel like you need to know how to code, or stay away because you are intimidated by code; there are plenty of roles for everyone not involving code. As well as if you are interested, we are here to help you learn because a code literate population is a long term goal, that goes hand in hand with everything we are trying to accomplish. Also, we are all constantly learning as well, and every single member of our brigade can relate to not knowing or understanding something. Remember:

The Only Bad Question is the One That You Did Not Ask

Find an event near you and attend, get involved, come back for subsequent meetups, work with open data, and local government transparency, to shed light on problems facing your community. No doubt, your community is not alone, and somewhere, another community will benefit from your work, as you from theirs, as is the nature of free software/open source/crowd sourcing/the way of the web.

Don’t let your attendance and involvement die after this weekend, check out OKFN (Open Knowledge Foundation), ODI (Open Data Institute), CfA (Code for America), Mozilla, Fight for Your Future, Internet Defense League, and EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Center for Rights, Don’t Copyright Me to contribute continuously, or at the least stay in the know.

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