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The Best Picture on the Internet (tags: onefunctionsite)

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Phosr (tags: ilikethissite) 2011 Egyptian Revolution – chartbeat (tags: infographics) Home » Fivestone Studios (tags: ilikethissite) TOPO! Explorer — jalbertbowdenii (tags: rel="me" jalbertbowdenii) TOPO! Explorer — Home (tags: mapping datasets) EarthPulse 2010 – Vital Statistics Map – National Geographic (tags: mapping datasets) Chesapeake Bay: Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surge Public Awareness and Response (tags: chesapeakebay […]

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Pseudo-class combined with sibling selector fix for Webkit – CSS – Snipplr Social Snippet Repository # body {-webkit-animation:bugfix infinite 1s;} # @-webkit-keyframes bugfix { from{white-space:default;} to{white-space:normal;} } (tags: cssselectors csspseudoclass csssiblingselector) Web design Cape Town South Africa – CSS specialist (tags: ilikethissite) mnutt/hummingbird @ GitHub (tags: realtime datavisualization analytics) Sign, edit, and fax documents online […]

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The Code Dump » Blog Archive » You Owe it to Yourself to be Old-School – A place a coder rants at… (tags: professionalism) Web Developer Class: How to Use CSS3 Transforms with vCards (tags: {transform:} vcard) Bookmarklet – download different formats | Christian Heilmann's blog – Wait till I come! (tags: bookmarklet) the […]

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3 Way Cafe (tags: norfolk) Animated mask (tags: css3 webkit {transform:}) Mozilla Drumbeat | J. Albert Bowden II (tags: rel="me" jalbertbowdenii) A Git Guide to Dating (tags: onefunctionsite) Zelda Celebrates 25th Birthday, Mobile Revives Classic Games | SiliconANGLE (tags: nintendo) Typeface != Font — Jon Tan 陳 (tags: typeface typography {font-family:}) New York City To […]

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How journalists are using metrics to track the success of tweets | Poynter. (tags: socialmedia)

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Elias Bizannes (tags: blogroll opensocial dataportability openid) What’s in Store for 2011: A Few Predictions – tecosystems at one point, learning Javascript meant you were not a serious programmer. At this point, not learning the language makes the same statement. Javascript is resurgent, and buoyed by the V8 runtime and adjacent frameworks like Node.js will […]

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egonelbre/jsfx – GitHub (tags: javascriptlibrary) Explorations in Typography / Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting (tags: typography cssadvanced ilikethissite) TPUTH — Socially Generated Newspaper for Geeks, Designers and Venture Capitalists (tags: ilikethissite) C J's Tattoo Studio (tags: hampton ink) Ocean Mystique's Norfolk Ink Gallery (tags: norfolk ink) Sean Karn (tags: norfolk ink) Drew's Tattoo Emporium,LLC […]

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Mobily Playground – Building an interactive map with Raphael (tags: mapping raphaël.js) Oliver Steele › Languages of the real and artificial. (tags: javascriptmafia blogroll) ls.n (tags: javascriptmafia blogroll) Personal page of Asen Bozhilov (tags: javascriptmafia blogroll) Should I Work for Free? (tags: onefunctionsite) JS GooDies (tags: javascriptmafia blogroll) Carrer Blog (tags: blogroll fronteers) Targeting IE […]

Why You Should Try and Support IE(6)

Of all the approaches to front-end development, the omission of IE has to draw my ire more than most. Entirely omitting a browser and all of its users from your development support cycle is a red flag that you do not know what you are doing. Furthermore, it leads me to believe that you do […]