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CSS3 StarWars TextScroll (tags: cssadvanced) IE9 and JPEG-XR: first impressions / Stoyan's (tags: ie9 jpeg) CSS minifiers comparison / Stoyan's (tags: optimization cssoptimization csstools) Standardista » Placeholder Attribute Support in ALL browsers <input> placeholder attribute (tags: formorial <input> xhtmlattributes crossbrowsercompatibility) CSS Gradients for IE9 « CSS3 Wizardry (tags: opera cssgradient {gradient} svg ie9 […]

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ongoing by Tim Bray · Three Mobile-Software Rules (tags: android mobile) Morph : Talis Semantic Web Formats Converter (tags: semanticweb converter) Curling Quotes in HTML, XML, and SGML (tags: characterentities grammar) Accessibility Fundamentals: Introduction [Video Tutorial] | Think Vitamin (tags: accessibility)

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3D Rotating Molecules on the iPhone/iPad | jackadamblog (tags: cssadvanced webkit) GitHub – I [octocat] Code (tags: iwant) Bibliographic data, part 2: Dublin Core’s dirty little secret | The Reinvigorated Programmer (tags: dcmi) Bibliographic data, part 1: MARC and its vile progeny | The Reinvigorated Programmer (tags: dcmi) Face Detector (tags: javascriptlibrary) Componentix blog – […]

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HTML5, ARIA Roles, and Screen Readers in May 2010 | Research | Accessible Culture (tags: html5 aria screenreader accessibility) Web Teacher › ARIA Roles 101 (tags: aria accessibility) Adequately Good – Writing Testable JavaScript (tags: javascriptunittesting) JSON T-shirt from (tags: iwant) XUI | javascript micro-framework (tags: mobile javascriptframework) Yahoo! Developer Network (tags: blogroll fronteers) […]

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Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer – John Cachero Photography (tags: hamptonroadswebcomm) Create modern Web sites using HTML5 and CSS3 (tags: <canvas> <video>) SEO for Bing Versus Google (tags: seo) Elixsir: Quench your thirst for knowledge (tags: ilikethissite) Disable Java NOW / Why does the New York Times Chicken-Little HTML5 When Java Exploits Are Real? – Tantek […]

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Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : Why video, audio, canvas aren’t self-closing tags (tags: webhistory <audio> <video>) jalbertbowdenii (tags: rel="me" jalbertbowdenii) Some better than none: sync vs. async in ssjs | getiblog (tags: nodejs serversidejavascript) JSON-P: JSON for cross-domain Ajax (tags: jsonp) Virginia Beach Restaurants – Albie's Pizza (tags: virginiabeach) YUI Theater (tags: bestref) Fancy CSS3 […]

Pretty HTML

Pretty HTML posted by riddle The description, as entered by the person who uploaded it. 35034346962@N01 The ID of the content owner – you can use this to link to their buddy icon. like so riddle jalbertbowdenii

Darth Vader Tie Fighter Costume

Darth Vader Tie Fighter Costume posted by Tostie14 Check out "Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story", a brand-new film about America’s favorite game at The description, as entered by the person who uploaded it. 33917177@N00 The ID of the content owner – you can use this to link to their buddy icon. like so […]

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MIX Online:Ai to Canvas Plug-In Illustrator (tags: adobecs <canvas>) 2VaBeach helps you find Hotels and Resorts on Va Beach Oceanfront (tags: virginiabeach) Golden Ratio Calculator (tags: grid toolkit) Why Users Fill Out Forms Faster with Top Aligned Labels | UX Movement (tags: formorial ui <label> <form>)

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Classy As Fuck (tags: awesome)